Review Your Life with Diary

Dekigoto is a cloud based diary service which automatically generates categorized summary charts as feedback for your future improvement. You can write in any devices via Google Chrome without any installing softwares.

The following usage is for desktop computer, but it would be a reference to use other devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Create Diaries

Diaries in Dekigoto consist of several categories. This categorized approach has the purpose that you can easily continue taking diaries as your habit.

  1. Click the date of calendar
  2. The following is the case of Reading Diary


  3. Choose the category of diary to create
  4. diary_category.png

  5. Edit diary and submit
  6. diary_edit.png

  7. Then you can see the entry at the calendar page
  8. diary_done.png

  9. Note that you can also create diaries by clicking the menu link.
  10. diary_other.png

Visualize Diaries

Dekigoto automatically creates summary charts based on the categorized diaries which you provided.

From these charts, you can see the trends of your habits or routine works. You also might realize what improves your life or what helps to achieve your goals.

  1. Choose the category of diary to plot
  2. The following is the case of Sleep Diary


  3. See the summary charts of your diaries
  4. plot_charts.png

Change Views

Dekigoto has multiple views by categories. The dafault view includes all categories.

  1. Choose the category of diary to change
  2. The following is the case of Sleep Diary


  3. See the changed view
  4. view_view.png

Optional Category

With Optional Category, you can take diaries as your own category.

The diaries that you can take with Optional Category are simple, but it would be convenient for tracking the habits or daily routines.

The following shows how to add an category.

  1. Click Category from the menus
  2. category_menu.png

  3. Click Add Category button
  4. category_add.png

  5. Edit the category to create and click Submit button
  6. category_edit.png

  7. Then you can see the category on your list
  8. category_list.png

  9. The next time you take a diary, you can choose the category that you created
  10. category_new.png

  11. The diary looks like the following at the calendar page if taking
  12. category_calendar.png

Recommended Browser

The recommended browser is Google Chrome. If you have trouble with using it, change the browser to Google Chrome.

  1. For the example of Safari on mac, date fields seem not to be working fine because the format of these are somethng wrong and date pickers are lost
  2. browser_safari.png

  3. Change the browser to Chrome and it works well
  4. browser_chrome.png