Review Your Life with Diary

Dekigoto is a cloud based diary service which automatically generates categorized summary charts as feedback for your future improvement. You can write in any devices via Google Chrome without any installing softwares.

Cloud Based Service

Dekigoto is a cloud based diary service. You can sign in with your SNS accounts so that you do not need to remember specific username and password. Only with SNS accounts, you can write whenever in any devices.

Categorized Diaries

Diaries in Dekigoto consist of several categories. This categorized approach has the purpose that you can easily continue taking diaries as your habit.

  • Drinking Diary
  • Sleep Diary
  • Reading Diary
  • Free Diary


Dekigoto automatically creates summary charts based on the categorized diaries which you provided.

From these charts, you can see the trends of your habits or routine works. You also might realize what improves your life or what helps to achieve your goals.

Drinking Diary

Take a diary of the amount of alcohol or what to drink.

By looking at the graph, you should realize how much alcohol will affect your physical condition.

This will help you to decide how to drink to keep in good condition.

Sleep Diary

Take a diary about how well you sleep after waking up.

By looking at the graph, you can realize the trends of your sleep.

It is important to take records since your memory is always different from the actual records.

Reading Diary

Take a record of what you feel and learn about the book as soon as you finish reading it.

By writing down by your hands, it is good effect to memorize what you read.

Free Diary

You can take free diaries about your awareness of your life and work.

You also create your own categorized diaries that are suitable to memorize specific activities or track your daily routines.

No payment information is required within free trial.